How John Chow Earn Money Online

How John Chow Earn Money Online
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How John Chow Earn Money Online
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I read many post online where peoples ask that “who is john chow?” and “How John Chow Earn Money Online?” So in these post I’m sharing some useful information about him and His money earning strategy.

Before start writing about him, i wont to say that these post is not to dishonor him, But what I’m writing is real fact about him.

Who Is John Chow?

John Chow is Blogger, Speaker and Entrepreneur who created in March 2000. He started earning over $40,000 per month in just 2 years. But in reality he trick peoples to earn money. We’ll discuss that later but before that check website statistic and earning.


Revenue: $500,000/Year.

No. of Subscribers: 110k

Twitter Followers: 99.6K

Facebook Likes: 18574

LinkedIn: 500+ connections.

YouTube: 7,619 subscribers 5,606,216 views

Banned: Google AdSense Banned His website years ago, because he started link exchange program. But because of strong social media traffic Google Revoked his Ban.

How John Chow Earn Money Online?

If you visit his website, you’ll realize that his half of website contain banner ads that saying “how I made $5000000 from blog” or “how I earn $13500 per months” And other post related to “how he makes money and how much he’s earning” kind of stuff.

How John Chow Earn Money Online
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By reading these, peoples start thinking to earn money like him. And that’s trick, after few second annoying popup come out, tell you to enter your email address to get free eBook for “making money online” that’s nothing but Basic Email Subscription strategy. 80% of his blog contain these kinds of tricks.

Email Subscription strategy

Not only Banner ads, but every post and article are about his greatness and money making tricks. Typically like these “how one of my posts is getting traffic from Digg” or “how did i earn last year from affiliate marketing”. Really in this Chaos of money making, someone should ask him “where are the real post which contains useful information?” because every post is about him.

But that’s not all about him. You’ll find some other post too which are not about him and that are Sponsored Post/ Review, he takes $500 for each post. And if you found any post that’s not about him or not sponsored, that’s defiantly about TTZ media network (affiliate program started by John Chow). Now you understand what kind of man John Chow is, even he spitting on road, it must be for money. Because he takes money for everything.

In short, He write articles about him to attract more peoples who really won’t to make money, and he ask them to Subscribe, Follow, Like and Share his web post and that’s how he increase his social media traffic And earn money. If you have thousands of follower who visit your site daily, you’ll earn from anything by referring them or by adding paid banner or by guest post.

latest example, John Chow earn $757,232 from referral commission. March 28, 2014

How John Chow Earn Money Online
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Peoples visit his website to know “How John Chow Earn Money Online”. And he tells them “How much he is Earning”.  Thus peoples visit him again and again and he earn more and more Money.


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