Manisha Goswami Earning from sarkarinaukriblog

Manisha Goswami Earning from sarkarinaukriblog
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In India there are millions of engineers struggling for their jobs and salary. Maybe you’re thinking why I’m talking about engineers and their struggle. Because in these post I’m writing about girl who was from IT, who struggle like other peoples but now she’s one of top blogger in India. Earning more than 200000INR per month. Own India’s Top Government job portal or website. Her name is “Manisha Goswami” Before start Check some imported Stats about her website.

Website: later

Founder: Manisha Goswami

Founded: 2006

Registration Date: 21 September, 2009

Registrar: GODADDY.COM

Alexa Global Ranks:   15,154

Alexa Indian Ranks:   1229

Feed Reader: 536k

Twitter: 6379

Google Followers: 963 followers|1,225,110,069 views

Website Member: 26298

Ads Type: Banner ads (Google AdSense), Text ads (Infolinks)

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How Manisha Goswami Earnning from sarkarinaukriblog
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Manisha Goswami Earning:

In 2006 Manisha Goswami left frustrated IT job and started as blogger. But as blogger without main income source was difficult to her to creating Self hosted website and its maintenance. So she choose free web hosting platform Blogger. Second imported thing was to choose Perfect Topic, niches and blog name. That time she had many topics in her mind but she choose Job Notification portal, motive behind choosing Job Portal is to help peoples to find government jobs easily. Because there was too many Job Portals available online but useless because many of that was paid and other not providing proper information.

In June, after searching different names she finally confirms “” and started blogging carrier. It was 28 June when she wrote first 4 Job Notification post. Later in July, She started focusing on highly searched government jobs. Finding government  job related contain was not hard task, these kind of Job requirement information is available 24×7 on different sources like TV and radio commercial, in newspaper Even government websites . Difficult task was to gathering all information and publishing systematically in time. And for that she woke up 4am in early morning every day and updated her blog with latest government recruitment notices. At starting she works 2-3 hour on blog.

India is place where there are too many Job seekers in different state and places who visited different government website and other job portals for job finding, those peoples started visiting sarkari-naukri blog and slowly-slowly become addicted, because of its systematic, proper and up-to-date job requirement & Notification post. From Graduated student to teacher and professors every job seeker starts visiting her blog. Comment and positive response from visitors was the most important motivational part for manisha and her blog. After getting good response she starts updating blog frequently. In just few months her blog got a rapid growth and become so popular in Job Portal Category. After success and popularity of Sarkari-Naukri Blog she decided to add ads on site and started searching for advertisement companies to place their ads on her blog for earning.

In 2007 she started earning good amount of money from Sarkari-Naukri. That amount of earning was more that her previous job salary. Even Blogs success and popularity starts effecting peoples writing For example, people start typing on Google as “Sarkari Naukri” instead of “government Jobs” and other English keywords for job finding. But that’s not enough by watching her blog success and earning other blogger started website like Sarkari Naukri with different name and words.

21 September 2009, after 3 years from starting blog, Manish Goswami registered website domain name as “” with GODADDY. She gets accepted in Google AdSense Program. And now Manisha Goswami Earning more than 200000 INR per months from Google AdSense. She also used Infolinks text ads on site.

Now in 2014, Sarkari Naukri is Indian top Government Job Portal with highest follower’s, subscribers and daily unique visitors. Blog is getting traffic from search engine, social networking websites and other related websites.

Manisha Goswami’s Success Story is very inspiring. Any person who read her success story will surely feel proud for this type of achievement. I search more about her and her photos for Post display but I never get, there is no single photo of her available on internet. Once she disclosed that she’s very shy person and don’t want to publish her Photo or personal info on internet. We respect her Privacy But still there are a large number of fans followers who access and visit her blog daily and respect her dedication.

I hope you like Manisha Goswami’s success story. Please comment and leave your response.

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