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BlogzAround September 2016 Traffic Report: 1.4 Million Pageviews

BlogzAround September 2016 Traffic Report: 1.4 Million Pageviews
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September 2016 Traffic & Income Report: 1.4 Million Pageviews

BlogzAround September 2016 Traffic Report
BlogzAround September 2016 Traffic Report

Hello Friends, Today I’m sharing Traffic Stats and Earning Report of the month of September. since January 2016 my website started receiving Good traffic over 1 Million Pageview per Month and it keeps increasing rapidly. it was start so i never share that stats.

Before September stats just take a look of my last 8 Months traffic and income stats. from January to August i receive total 1,26,83,973 Pageviews. (1.26 Crore Pageview) and total visitors 2.4 Million.

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BlogzAround September 2016 Traffic Report
BlogzAround September 2016 Traffic Report

Here are Pageview and Earning details of last 8 Months

        Months         Pageviews      Earning(in INR)

  • January        16,15,094      16,223.07
  • February      13,99,164      12925.31
  • March          16,24,872      19868.94
  • April             16,55,009     15439.8
  • May              16,89,575     19717.19
  • June              16,8,3374     17675.19
  • July               15,63,250     15179.64

August          14,53,035     14172.29


So this was all previous months earning and pageviews now will see the September Months Traffic and Earning.

BlogzAround September 2016 Traffic:

In September 2016 my Website Received 1.4 Million PageViews. Different Plugins and software can share different statistic details of same website which is complicated to know which stats are proper or perfect, to avoid that i used Google Aanalytics the simple and best traffic monitoring from Google. Here is Screenshot of September States.

BlogzAround September Traffic Report
BlogzAround September Traffic Report

I actually received 309K user or visitors but because of very low bounce rate which is %2.15 and visitor’s high interacting with site, i received 1.4 Million Pageviews.

70% of traffic is from Search Engines most of Google and 27% Direct and 3% Referral. as you’ll see in below image.

BlogzAround Traffic Report
BlogzAround Traffic Report

When i started Blogging, i never used social networking site to promote websites and get traffic. i primarily focused to get organic traffic. But once i successfully started receiving traffic from search engines, i made new plans to promote my post on Social networks like Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn…and it’s been working great. It actually help to increase my traffic. I will Share this Plans and tricks in my upcoming post.

The below image will show you Top 10 County of our traffic:

BlogzAround Top Country of Traffic
BlogzAround Top Country of Traffic

September 2016 Income Report:

Well, this was all traffic related yet. So now I’ll share my September months total income. instead of sharing each and every payment proof as i was doing before, now I’ll just share payment received proof. Most of my income come from CPM ads like banner or pop under ads.

Here is Screen Shot of PayPal payments which i received in September.

BlogzAround Income Report
BlogzAround Income Report

I was previously using PlugRush, Ero-Advertising, PopAds and edomz ad network. they was good for earning. But for testing purpose i removed PlugRush and edomz ads from site and I Added Adsterra Advertising network. which have highest CPM rates then other ad networks.

i Earned total $187.63 from Adsterra in just 15 days which i received on 3rd October 2016 after two week hold. $112.17 from PopAds and $21.67 from Ero-Advertising total $321.47 (21822.98 INR) in September. i use Google Adsense too but just earn $15 in September which is not include in my income.

Also chick Ad networks Payment Proof which i shared before:

PlugRush Payment Proof

PopAds Payment Proof

Ero-Advertising Payment Proof

Juicy Ads Payment Proof

Well, now it’s your turn to let me know How Much Traffic and Income you Received in month of September 2016? Let me know in the comments section below!


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